What is USDC?

The fastest growing, fully reserved digital dollar stablecoin.

USDC - token service that facilitates the use of USD over the internet and public blockchains. Issued by Circle Ltd., it has a more friendly regulatory approach than the alternative stablecoins.

USDC is issued by regulated financial institutions, backed by fully reserved assets, and redeemable on a 1:1 basis for US dollars. Unlike other USD stable coins, USDC is governed by Centre, a membership-based consortium that sets technical, policy and financial standards for stablecoins.


USD Coin is designed to let dollars move globally from your crypto wallet to other exchanges, businesses, and people.

by US dollars

Each USDC is backed by one US dollar, which is held in a bank account with a publicly available monthly audit by Grant Thornton LLP that allows buyers to verify that USD Coin (USDC) is fully backed by USD and always 100% redeemable for dollars.

by Ethereum

USD Coin is an Ethereum token, so you can store it in an Ethereum-compatible wallet.


For customers with a US dollar bank account, 1 USDC can always be redeemed for US$1.00, giving it a stable price.