Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get started on Zipmex

Simply signup here: enter your information and submit the form. Then check your email for the verification to verify your account.

Once the account is verified, please kindly check your email for more information from us. Then, Go to Setting › Verification Level › Start your KYC. Once your KYC is completed, go to Wallet › Find the currency you wish to deposit › Click on Deposit symbol to make a deposit. Once your account is funded, you can start trading!

How to sign up on Zipmex

To create an account, first, make sure you are visiting the official Zipmex site at

You can quickly create an account directly on the home page by clicking on the signup button. You just need to fill up your email address and password.

The minimum password length is 8 characters but we recommend using a long unique password created by a password manager.

If the password is less than 25 characters long, it must contain one special character, one number, and cannot contain your username.

Please read and agree to our terms of service and privacy policy, before checking the box and clicking “Create my account”.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your Zipmex account and you’re ready to get started.

How do I buy and sell currency on Zipmex?

Before you can start buying and selling, you’ll need to deposit funds into your Zipmex account. Once your account is funded, you can use the order forms under the “Buy & Sell tab to place orders. Note that the currency pair you select plays a role in determining what is bought or sold:

  • If the “buy” button is selected and currency pair x/y is selected, then currency x will be bought and currency y sold.
  • If the “sell” button is selected and currency pair x/y is selected, then currency x will be sold and currency y will be bought.

Is there a minimum deposit and trade amount?

Zipmex has a minimum THB deposit of 30 THB and a minimum of 30 THB for buying and selling all digital tokens.

1. How to deposit to Zipmex wallet?

  • Click at “Wallets”
  • On the currency you wish to deposit such as THB, click on the icon as shown in the photo below

2. Check the currency again, fill in the depositing amount, and click at “Deposit XXX” where XXX is the currency you are depositing

3. Select a desire payment option

3.1 Instant Deposit with QR – The QR code for payment will show up with a note to remind user to use their verified bank only. User can scan QR code with any mobile banking application instantly.

3.2 Deposit with Bank Transfer – User will be able to see Zipmex bank detail with amount and ticket number for reference as well as a reminder note for user to use their verified bank to process the payment.

4. An email will be sent to you about the depositing

5. An email to will be sent once the deposit amount has been added or rejected

If you have additional questions Can be contacted at Email:

How to withdraw from Zipmex wallet?

1. Log in to Zipmex

  • Click at “Wallets”
  • On the currency you wish to withdraw, such as THB, and click on the icon on the right, as shown in the photo below

2. Fill in the withdrawing amount. The system will show withdrawal fee and the gross receiving amount. Make sure the information is correct and click “WITHDRAW XXX” where XXX is the currency you are withdrawing

3. A transaction confirmation email will be sent to you. Please kindly check and click on the link to confirm the withdrawal. If you did not make the request, please kindly contact our support team immediately

4. System will show a confirmation message

5. A confirmation email will be sent to you

6. Zipmex will process the withdrawal after we verify the transaction request. Customers will receive an email once the payment has been made

Where can I follow Zipmex on social media?

Verifying your account

After signing up for an account, your account has to be verified before you can use funding methods or start trading. Laws and regulations require that we verify your account by asking who you are and where you live. Zipmex takes every measure to prevent fraud and be fully compliant with KYC and AML regulations for trading of digital assets.

We categorize verification level into tiers

More information about verification is in the next topic

What are the Verification Tiers?

The different Verification Tiers are as follows:

  • Registered– this is the default Tier obtained after registering your account and confirming your email address.
  • KYC – you can deposit, withdraw and trade in digital currency, fiat currency funding is accessible to you. Bank deposits and withdrawals are available to clients in some areas at this Tier. You are required to provide your selfie and identity documents.

Basic requirement for verification

In order to be eligible to register a Zipmex account and use our services, you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Age – You must be 20 years or older
  • Email – You must have an email address that can receive emails from us

Required documents for KYC

In order to get your account verified, we require the following documents to be uploaded in your account:

  • Valid national identity card
  • Selfie / Video with holding paper “Zipmex/ Date of register / Signature”
  • Copy of bankbook that you wish to use with Zipmex
  • Banking statement 3 months backward (For enhanced KYC or need to increase the maximum limit)
  • Proof of address documents (For enhanced KYC or need to increase the maximum limit)

Proof of address documents: Banking statement, credit card bills, electronic bills, salary certificate, insurance statement, tax invoice or house registration.

However, there are some cases that we need you to upload a photo of identity document.

How to fill in bank information

1. Zipmex requires all users to verify a bank account to deposit and withdraw THB. Users fill in their bank information such as bank name (drop down), branch code, account name, account number and upload the front page photo of their bankbook.

2. If user needs to change verified bank account, the user must contact support team directly.

3. Verified bank account details will show in both Deposit and Withdraw page to notify user to use the registered bank account to process the transaction.

Deposit Page

Withdraw Page