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What is KYC?

January 29 2020

KYC stands for Know Your Customer – the process of proving your identity to someone or some organization. KYC is required to ensure security not just for you, but other users and the digital…

What is Bitcoin?

January 29 2020

Think of Bitcoin like any other currency such as USD or THB. You can use it to buy an ice-cold drink on a hot day on the beach. The difference is, it’s digital, you cannot physically touch….

Why Zipmex?

January 28 2020

The crypto trade market is vast. There are several currencies, exchanges, and even trade bots available in the market. With this much to choose from, choosing the right one can be rather tricky, especially with the number of scams that are out there. There exist a myriad of cryptocurrency exchanges. Zipmex is one that stands…