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What are digital assets?

February 14 2020

Digital assets, or its more commonly-known subset — cryptocurrencies — are a form of financial products. Digital assets represent value for a service which will be developed through blockchain technology. Assets can be bought, sold, traded or stored. In the form of cryptocurrencies, digital assets can be tracked on a blockchain which is a decentralised…

What is a stable coin?

February 14 2020

Stable coins are stable price cryptocurrencies. These coins are pegged against reserved assets like the USD, another cryptocurrency or exchange-traded commodities such as gold. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are volatile, stable coins remain stable. Many businesses and companies can, therefore, trade using stable coins as stability guarantees no price volatility.

What are AltCoins?

February 13 2020

AltCoins are alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin, which was the first crypto to exist. Alternate currencies such as Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin have their own blockchains. You can trade Altcoins in the same way you buy and sell Bitcoin. Each AltCoin may offer a different product or service than the last and only the widely supported…

What is KYC?

January 29 2020

KYC stands for Know Your Customer – the process of proving your identity to someone or some organization. KYC is required to ensure security not just for you, but other users and the digital asset exchange platform overall. Most financial institutions across the world have an obligation under regulation to preform KYC to its customers.…

What is Bitcoin?

January 29 2020

What is Bitcoin?  Think of Bitcoin like any other currency such as USD or THB. You can use it to buy an ice-cold drink on a hot day on the beach. The difference is, it’s digital, you cannot physically touch it like banknotes or coins.  Bitcoin is the first blockchain-based currency, also known as a…